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How coaching works

You will get clarity about what matters deeply to you. You will identify the elements of the situation that you control. It’s amazing how surprised people are, when they realize how much they can control, even in unfavorable environments. We are responsible for our own transformation. Assuming this responsibility is the only way to become stronger. Nobody else is going to do it for us.


I will not give you advice. I will help you come up with the solutions that work best for you, so that you have their ownership and become independent. You don’t want to need to turn to someone for help every time around.


I will help you mobilize yourself to start with small, manageable steps to test the change step by step and build it gradually.


You have to be ready to change and courageous enough to put the effort and take steps forward.

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How we work together

We will have a free 30-minute session, in which we will both get to see if we are a good match for working together. You will talk about your goals and I will talk about my coaching style. You will ask questions you may have about coaching and I will address them.


A typical coaching engagement with me consists of six 45-minute sessions, which take place every one or two weeks. If we need to adjust any of these to better match your needs, we will. Our common objective is every session to bring you closer to reaching your goals.

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