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About me

I am a formally trained and ICF certified coach serving individual professionals and business clients worldwide.


I understand first‑hand what it is like to work in complex and demanding environments. I started my corporate career in the 90s, after I obtained my Master’s degrees from Columbia University (Engineering) and Insead (Business). The culture of “results-orientation” was particularly prevalent in the banking and the telecoms sectors, where I served in line management positions for 20 years. I went along with the evolution of management over the years, as it became more and more clear that results are the outcome of how much people put into achieving them. Placing the focus on people, rather than on results alone, makes both grow.

My passion for coaching originated from realizing, during my corporate years, that, more often than not, people perform below their true potential for various reasons. No matter their level of education, past achievements or seniority. I saw a tremendous opportunity to help people close that gap and I made that my mission. Coaching fascinates me, because it’s based on the principle that people have both the intention and the capability to grow.

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