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How coaching works

More often than not people at work perform below their true potential for various reasons. Even the best may have difficulty producing the results they want or dealing with frustration, pressure or changes at work. Or they may just need to develop their soft skills.


Coaching helps professionals capitalize on their strengths, mobilize themselves and develop sustainable capabilities.


People often fail to realize how much a solution depends on themselves and they tend to think that someone else is responsible for the problem and for the solution. This way they appear to be innocent, which might serve them fine, but they are not effective and they don’t grow. The coach helps them to identify the elements of the situation that they control.


The coach will not give advice. The coach will help the professional to come up with the solutions that work best for them, so that they own the solutions, become independent and not need to turn to someone for help every time around.


The coach helps the professional to mobilize themselves, to start with small, manageable steps, to test the change step by step and build it gradually.


When people move forward and achieve their goals, companies achieve their goals.

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How we work together

Whether your company is going through an organizational change, needs to adapt to external changes, wants to achieve specific company goals or just wants to develop its people’s soft skills, coaching is relevant.


Depending on the goals, which your company wants to achieve through the coaching initiative, we will design a program that will best serve those goals. We will also specify parameters such as: How the participants will be selected, how coaching will fit in their overall position, role & activities in the company, what the duration of the program will be, how the effectiveness of the coaching program will be assessed.


Once we have agreed the details, participants will start meeting with me, typically in 45-minute sessions, which will take place every two weeks. If we need to adjust these parameters to better match your needs, we will. The objective is every session to bring participants closer to reaching the goals, by developing sustainable capabilities.

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